Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our first prompt was SUMMER EXPECTATIONS - I had fun making the cover for my visual journal, I am calling it my book of "Marks" since I am very interested in using mark metaphorically in my dissertation.  I think the large, overarching goal of my research is to not only see how life informs curricula, but look closely at the "art of the mark" in both the 2D realm and the 3D realm. 

I am adding my cover image as well as my first page of summer expectations.  I have merged my text into my imagery and blurred the message a bit.  Bottom line - my marks will be informed by the elements of art, line, shape, color, value but on a much larger playing field - these will fuel my summer as I will search for deeper meaning while reading, writing, creating and appreciating my family while relaxing at the beach.  I will search for peace - I will love unconditionally - drinking in life and living fully!

Visual Journal Cover - dw2012

Summer Expectations - dw2012

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