Friday, May 4, 2012

Drew, Tammy and Debi are excited to share this blogspot where we will post weekly reflections from our lives.  We are all moms, Ph.D candidates, teachers, artists, writers and friends.  Our goal is to continue to push ourselves as creative beings and through this site we will post weekly.  We have prompts that will guide us on this journey of working in our visual journals, improving on our craft.
Enjoy!  And know that we enjoy and appreciate creative comments!

NOTE:  I have used a piece of art for our header done by a past student, AE.  This is a piece she was working on for her AP portfolio 2 years ago and she never completed it.  It reminds me of the metamorphosis we all go through during our lives - growing, changing, learning, observing – when we pay attention to the little things in life that help us to spread our wings and eventually fly with confidence, we illuminate with positive energy and beauty! 

There are so many things I love about this piece of art, the old discarded wood that it was created on, the bold marks created with various media that tell the story of my student’s growth as a divergent, creative thinking artist and what a joy it was to watch her grow over the years that I was her art teacher.  AE is now a student at SCAD and she is indeed growing, changing, learning and sharing her stories with me.  Another student continuing to make me proud!

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